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We Design and fit Rainwater harvesting systems

Free water from your roof is an excellent way to reduce or even replace you main water dependency. If you are using a water meter and want to reduce costs or just want to reduce your impact on the environment, then this may be for you.


As with all Eco systems there are problems to overcome, in the case of rainwater it is the debris, silt or sediment that is deposited on the roof and gutters. This needs to be removed before it gets to the pump. The below systems have ingenious ways of  dealing with this problem.

Above Grounds systems tend to be supplied by one or two downpipes at the most. This is mainly down to asthetics as there would be a lot of visible pipework alteration to capture more that one feed. However there some desirible qualitues to an above ground system.



Easy set up, no expensive earthworks

Easy maintance

The tanks tend to be cheaper than their underground counterparts.



Frost protection may be needed.

Limited number of feeds.


Below Ground systems can be much bigger and handle multiple feeds. With the use of mini pump stations many out buildings can be brought into the system of collection. Tank sizes range from 1,500 litre to 38,000 litres allowing for many different uses.



Multiple feeds to maximise capture area.

No need for frost protection

Out of sight placement

Many uses due to potential large tank capacity.



Earth works are needed

Tank prices higher due to their reinforced design

Installation costs



Smal to large scale Irrigation

Storm water management

House supply

Total house supply after filtration and sterilization

Livestock water supply

Water play areas

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